Locations and Contacts

From our offices in Miami and Tampa, Lotspeich Company works throughout South, Southwest, and Central Florida. Scott Masson, a partner who joined the company in 1985, became President in 2010 and oversees Lotspeich Company in Miami and the back office operations of its affiliates today. John Dusnik began managing Lotspeich Contracting in Tampa in 1985 and is this affiliate’s President and principal shareholder.   Trident Surfacing, under the direction of Jose Diaz since 1993, provides athletic and artistic performance floors, industrial and deck synthetic coatings, and racquetball courts throughout all of Florida.

Formerly an affiliate founded by Jay Lotspeich in Fort Lauderdale, Lotspeich Company of Florida Inc. is owned by the Fee family and licensed to operate under the Lotspeich name in Broward and Palm Beach counties. It continues the Lotspeich tradition of quality and service and, in addition to performing Division 9 work, has Division 8 doors and hardware and Division 10 building specialty product lines. Contact them at (954)978-2388 regarding Division 9 work in Broward and Palm Beach or for doors, hardware, and bath specialties product lines.

Lotspeich Company Inc. - MIAMI
16101 NW 54th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33014
(305) 624-7777
Estimating Inquiries: Bid@Lotspeich.com

Lotspeich Contracting Inc. - TAMPA
2738 Broadway Center Boulevard
Brandon, Florida 33510
(813) 626-1748
Estimating Inquiries: RyanD@Lotspeich.com

Trident Surfacing Inc. - MIAMI
5399 NW 161st Street
Miami, Florida 33014
(305) 620-4220
Estimating Inquiries: JoseD@TridentSurfacing.com