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Included among our areas of expertise are interior and exterior light gauge framing, insulation, air and vapor barriers, drywall, plaster, acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings, wall panel systems and raised access floors. We also often contract for architectural trades packages.

To best serve our customers’ needs, we utilize only the best materials, proudly working with the products of Armstrong, USG, National Gypsum, and a host of other prominent manufacturers and suppliers.  Lotspeich has been an Armstrong contractor since our inception and has represented Tate Access Floors for nearly four decades.    

With our financial strength, Lotspeich Company can undertake any project, from the most basic to the most complex, for the contractors, construction managers, and owners we serve.  And Travelers, one of the nation’s best rated sureties, has provided our bonding for over twenty years.  Take a look at our proven track record and our partners in success, and give us a chance to exceed your expectations.

Working in combination with Florida registered structural engineers, metal truss prefabricators and specialized components suppliers, we offer custom engineered framing solutions for the extreme demands of Florida’s exterior wind load requirements and unusual interior load bearing assemblies.


Our experienced field managers and mechanics make light work of projects, both large and small, with the most demanding designs, detailing, and schedules.

Whether integral to the interior assemblies or covering the exterior framing of a project, we often contract for stucco and interior cement plasters, acrylic based finish systems, and gypsum, acoustical, and Venetian plaster work.


Lotspeich is a factory direct contractor for Armstrong Ceilings, the scope of work performed since our founding. We also offer conventional acoustical ceilings from the other major manufacturers and premium acoustical panel ceiling assemblies from custom specialty firms.

Our project managers and craftsmen have the superior design and installation skills to execute all kinds of specialty ceilings including suspended “cloud” formations; linear strips, grilles, panels and planks in metal or wood; sound absorbers, baffles, and diffusers; tamper proof security metal; and accessible panels that mimic smooth drywall.

We install pre-fabricated exterior and interior systems from diverse manufacturers of wall mounted systems utilizing aluminum composite and phenolic veneers, fabric wrapped fiberglass cores, acoustically in-filled metal, wood diffusers, stone or solid surface slabs, and many more materials.


As a dealer of over 35 years for the country’s pre-eminent manufacturer, Tate Access Floors, we have furnished raised floors for hundreds of telecommunications and data facilities, computer and server rooms, MRI and CAT scan rooms, tech savvy general office areas, stages, and display decks.



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