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Miami, 1928

B. B. Lotspeich’s founding of Lotspeich Flooring Company in 1928 planted the seed for one of the most respected construction companies in South Florida, Lotspeich Company.  Quickly established as a premier commercial flooring contractor, the company soon made the evolution from tile floors to acoustical tile ceilings, when these were introduced by Armstrong to quiet commercial buildings built predominantly with hard plaster ceilings and hard floorings. 

Nearly thirty years later, after college and U.S. Navy service, Jay W. Lotspeich returned to Miami to work at the long established family business. In 1963, he took charge of the company, incorporated, and, as the company’s business was no longer principally flooring, changed the name to Lotspeich Company Inc.  Over the next twenty years, Mr. Lotspeich expanded into other scopes of work including metal framing and drywall, insulation, specialty and metal ceilings, modular walls and panels, and raised access flooring.  In 1967, he established an office in Fort Lauderdale, which was followed by another in Tampa in 1973.  In the late 1970s, the company began regularly contracting for complete interior construction packages. 

In 1981, Jim Mandich joined Lotspeich. Demonstrating outstanding managerial skills, he was soon placed in charge of all company operations and became President of Lotspeich in 1986.  He spun off the original flooring operation into a separate company, Trident Surfacing Inc., and in 1999 established a Trident office in Ocala to extend its geographical coverage.  Under Mr. Mandich’s leadership for twenty five years, Lotspeich increased its capacity to manage the largest and most complex projects, expanded its presence into Southwest and Central Florida, and maintained its proud heritage in Miami.

Scott Masson, a partner who joined the company in 1985 and was made Vice President in 1993, became President in 2010 and oversees Lotspeich and its affiliates today.   Well into our 84th year, we look forward to many more serving the construction needs of our customers.

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